We develop software to automate businesses.  Our goal is to make your business more efficient by using computers to speed up your operations.  We look for cases where people may be printing out information, only to turn around and enter it back into another system.  Through the use of software, we can electronically move the information from one system to another within requiring user intervention.

 We have developed a number of products including the following:

Asset Management – Track fixed assets used in your business to verify that they are still in use, assign responsibility of items to specific employees, track item location, and record the cost.  With an optional handheld device, verify that the items are still active and determine the current location of the item.

 Liquor Sales Tracking – Monitor and transmit movement and sales information of items in the liquor department.  Our system retrieves the sales information from the POS, identifies the movement and sales for the day, and can report the sales information in various reports (daily, weekly, monthly).  It will also feed the sales totals to a central liquor tracking system or state government.  

Time Tracking – Does your company charge by the hour?  Want a way to track time spent on a job for billing purposes?  We have a system that will track time spent doing work for various customers, queuing up the time for billing purposes.  The system also provides for reporting based on customer, and the criteria may include date ranges for billing purposes.